Wackenhammer's Arcade STEAMuseum and Carousel
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Wackenhammer's Games

Wackenhammer's has a wide variety of two-player, classic, and invented games and kiddie rides. There is truly something for everyone at every age.

Ѳ indicates inventions from the workshop of Prof. Wackenhammer

"This is a very cool arcade on the main street that reminds me of arcades when I was a kid. They have classics like air hockey, skeeball and pac man, but also a lot of other cool things I've never seen."
- Karen P., Tripadvisor

Rides for Little and Big Kids

Puzzle Games

Pinball and Classic Arcade Games

Activity Games

Antique and Unusual Coin-op

Stomping, Wacking & Rolling and Ticket Games

Wackenhammer's Clockwork Arcade and Carousel
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