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Introduce your students to the science of play play while learning about simple machines, kinetics, electromagnetics, art, coding, applications of electronics, and history of arcade games. Prof. Wackenhammer uses Rasberry-Pi's and Arduinos to make his own games, and we have some tips if you'd like to try your own.

Solve the Mystery of the RunefloorTM A lesson in decoding in a floor size puzzle

What is an Arcade STEAMuseum?

Wackenhammer's is dedicated to the Science of Play! Arcade games and carousels are fantastic teaching tools for STEAM. Our STEAMuseum has educational materials for most games introducing topics in science, logic, game design, electronics, and graphic design. Each game has associated activities that reinforce common core topics seen in the classroom. Whether you are an educator, a student, or just a STEAM enthusiast you'll get something from our activities beyond just the enjoyment of playing.

Game players and carousel riders, young and old, will be introduced to the history of the games, the science behind the game, and have an opportunity to appreciate the overall visual and logical design. We tie games back to NGSS 3D learning standards and supply educational resources such as this lesson on friction in Air Hockey.

STEAMuseum Activities

What is STEAM Education?

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education is a nationwide initiative that creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. It is a synergestic approach to teaching the STEAM disciplines instead of isolating them as separate schools of thought. It is the next logical step in what the STEM initiative began by incorporating art to bring the right-brain into traditional scientific thinking.

The Arcade museum is sweeping the world! Here are some links to other organizations who are playfully teaching about science while gaming:

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